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Christian woman holding gold shell wearing the gold Rooted Collection by Rizen Jewelry.


In the relentless hustle of days, amid the ceaseless tide of tasks, we present to you a whisper of the ancient, a glimpse into the steadfast spirit—a collection we tenderly name "Rooted." This ensemble not only showcases the theme of our unwavering olive tree pendant/necklace but also celebrates the serene elegance of olive branches. Each piece in the collection is a humble ode to life's quiet yet resilient essence, weaving a narrative of hope, endurance, and a longing for the divine embrace.

Rizen Jewelry Rooted Olive Tree necklace in sterling silver dipping into depth colored water.


The insignias of the Rooted collection serve as companions for the soul, a constant reminder to remain grounded in the nurturing presence of God, much like the robust olive tree with its deep, life-sustaining roots. The etchings tell stories of resilience, of remaining steadfast amidst life's tumult, reaching for the light with a faith as enduring as the gnarled branches of the tree itself. The delicate leaves of the olive tree, often associated with peace and victory, are intricately carved into each piece, their grooves echoing life's complexities yet also embodying a quiet strength, a tranquil acceptance, and an inspiring push towards a life harmoniously intertwined with divine grace.

Woman at beach wearing Rizen Jewelry Rooted Collection in 18kt yellow gold vermeil, includes the branch ring, bracelet and necklace, olive tree necklace and mini cross stud earring.


With the Rooted collection, we offer not merely a series of jewelry pieces but a respite, a gentle inhalation in the midst of life’s rapid pace. Each piece stands as an invitation to introspection, to bask in the solace of unwavering faith, and to embrace a poignant reminder of life’s inherent beauty when deeply anchored in love, trust, and the subtle yet profound whisper of the divine that resonates with every soul in search. In every crafted fold of metal, in the silent dance of the olive leaves and branches carved from the pendants, may you find a kindred spirit, a quiet whisper of hope, drawing you ever nearer to the divine heart where the essence of love unfurls, as the celestial pays respect to the earthy toil.


Gold Vermeil Rooted Olive Tree Necklace by Rizen Jewelry on rope chain.  Family tree motif cut out of medallion with beaded border.
Close up of christian woman wearing the 18k gold vermeil Olive Tree Necklace from the Rooted Collection by Rizen Jewelry.

Olive Tree Necklace

18k Gold Vermeil

3 colors
Intricately designed Olive Branch Ring in 18k gold vermeil from the Rooted Collection by Rizen Jewelry.
Close up of christian woman's hand wearing the 18k gold vermeil Olive branch ring and bracelet holding the chain breaker cross bracelet on opposite wrist by Rizen Jewelry.

Olive Branch Ring

18K Gold Vermeil

2 colors
Close up of the 18K gold vermeil Olive Branch Necklace from the Rooted Collection by Rizen Jewelry.
Christian woman wearing 18k gold vermeil Olive Branch necklace from the Rooted Collection by Rizen Jewelry.

Olive Branch Necklace

18K Gold Vermeil

2 colors
Intricately designed 18K gold vermeil Olive Branch Bracelet with cross tag from the Rooted Collection by Rizen Jewelry.

Olive Branch Bracelet

18K Gold Vermeil

2 colors


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