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Kimberly Javier the founder of Rizen Jewelry

Meet Kimberly Javier

In the heart of luxury retail, our founder's story blossomed, deeply rooted in a family legacy that transcended mere commerce. Renowned for their 78 iconic El Portal Luggage retail stores operating from 1936 to 2000, Kimberly's upbringing was surrounded by a unique blend of fashion, unparalleled service, and a profound love for people.

The successful sale of these family stores, a testament to their retail excellence, marked a turning point for her. The family business transitioned into partnerships with the fastest growing brands of today. Having made a significant mark in the retail landscape, she embarked on a new venture, fueled by her deep-rooted values and a newfound inspiration drawn from her Christian faith. She envisioned creating jewelry that was not merely ornamental but a reflection of faith and a testament to one's spiritual journey.

Central to her inspiration was a cherished heirloom - a Cross pendant, a timeless symbol of faith and love, gifted by her grandmother. This piece not only symbolized her family's devotion but also sparked a desire to create jewelry that could be passed down through generations, embodying both faith and family heritage.

Today, our brand is a fusion of this rich legacy and spiritual inspiration. Each piece we create is infused with meaning, designed to resonate with the stories and milestones of those who wear them. From elegant representations of scriptural themes to modern interpretations of classic symbols like the Cross, our collections offer a way to carry one's faith and heritage elegantly.

As you explore our designs, you're invited to be part of a story that intertwines faith, history, and the art of fine jewelry. Each creation is not just a beautiful piece but a potential heirloom, a celebration of faith and a continuation of a legacy that bridges generations.


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