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Chispa de la Dove

CHISPA is Spanish for spark. DOVE is English. The dove universally represents purity, love, peace, hope, beauty, and new beginnings. So why fuse Spanish and English into the name of The Chispa de la Dove necklace?

When I handwrite, I blend print with cursive. This fusion of Spanish and English, print and cursive are symbolic of the Spirit working in your life here on earth. Everyone, both Christians and nonbelievers alike, has a spiritual side and a fleshly side. While we are walking on earth this fusion is in constant war or flux.

For a Christian, praise Jesus, the end war has been won! We have the power of the Spirit in our hearts! Does this mean we won’t struggle? Absolutely not! Even though we have The Spirit internally we will have external influences such as trials, hardships, and temptations that can pull us in sinful directions. We can choose to follow the guidance of the Spirit or not. The struggle is real but there are ways we can Chispa (ignite) the Holy Spirit within us and live more fully in a relationship with God!

So how do we walk in alignment with The Spirit and be obedient to God’s will? Psalm 143:10 says, “Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. May your gracious Spirit lead me forward on a firm footing.”

  • Ask the Spirit to Lead us in Prayer. Psalm 143:10 teaches us that we must ask God to lead us. In this Psalm, David asks to be taught and led. David's song conveys the kind of eagerness we must have for God’s guidance, not just today but every day.
  • Ask for the Power of The Spirit Daily. The work of His Spirit in us is a continual process. We must echo this prayer in our own lives daily, trusting as the Spirit guides us onto the path God has paved before us.
  • Read God’s Living Word, The Bible. His word is power and ignites the Spirit. It’s what the Spirit needs to thrive. If you have trouble understanding The Bible, I encourage you to attend a bible teaching church and plug into a study group. This is where you will receive context, background, differing translations, and the ability to ask questions.
  • Lastly, Realize that God’s Spirit in you is an Always Developing Relationship. God created you to be in a relationship with Him: that’s why He desires to be an intimate part of our lives! Every day He is sanctifying us through our relationship with His Spirit.

As a believer, God’s very Spirit lives within you! If you follow Him, He will fill you with hope, peace, and godly wisdom. The Holy Spirit is a fire within, so fan those flames with prayer and worship. In doing so, you will grow closer to Jesus daily. Ask the Spirit to guide and renew you daily. His presence will transform you from the inside out, so commit yourself to walking in His presence each and every day! God Bless.


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